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Building Use Request Form

Event Start Time
Event End Time

Area(s) of the building requested:


Areas A, B, & C: Non-profit group: $30/hour per area. For-profit group: $60/hour per area

Areas D & E: Non-profit group: $20/hour per area. For-profit group: $40/hour per area

*All facility rentals require a $100 damage deposit (refundable)

By completing the digital signature I understand the terms of this request. By signing submitting this form you are asking availability and a reservation will be confirmed only upon receiving the deposit. Check(s) should be made payable to Transfiguration Lutheran Church. All fees are due 15 days prior to event. Availability is on a first-come first-serve basis. One this form is submitted you will be notified by the TLC office to confirm availability and arrange for deposit/payment.

Rules and Waiver: Building Use

I understand that Transfiguration Lutheran Church (TLC) Church Property is a gift of God, set aside and dedicated by the congregation to the glory of God and the ministry and mission of God's people. I promise to regard and treat TLC Church Property with reverence and respect, following all rules and regulations as set forth in this document, of which I have received a copy and read. I understand the following are rules we must follow:


Neither I nor my guests will bring any type of firearms(guns), or use alcohol or tobacco on Church grounds, inside or near the entrances. I will bring my own consumable supplies of applicable, including but not limited to: food, coffee supplies, cups and paper products. I understand that only a TLC member, who has been properly instructed may use the dishwasher. I will not use audio or visual equipment unless I have prior arrangements and a TLC Sound Reach Engineer to operate it. My group will leave the premises in the same condition as it was found and remove anything that was brought to the event the same day as the event.


The user agrees to release TLC and hold TLC harmless from any and all claims for property damage and personal injury arising out of the use and occupancy of church property, and the user further agrees to indemnify the church from any and all such claims. The church reserves the right to require proof of insurance from the person requesting use (Sponsoring Party) and any participants willfully and voluntarily participating on TLC Property. The Sponsoring Party assumes all risk of injury for that activity and releases TLC from any and all claims for personal injury arising out of the use and occupancy of said facilities and surrounding property. The undersigned agrees TLC shall not be held responsible for loss or theft of property or possessions of the user.

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